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Automated Access for Your Patrons

Gyms and Fitness Facilities

Give your members easy and frictionless access to your gym or fitness facility with 24/7 smartphone access.

Before Workout

Robust Control, Trackable Access

Protecting your facility while enabling access for legitimate members can be a challenge, and Keyless Calgary can help, with the ability to change access credentials instantly, control various zones in your facility, and monitor member usage to gain insights and bolster security.

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Contactless Access

Modernize your access systems to eliminate the risks of lost fobs and keys, to frictionless mobile door entry solutions from Keyless Calgary. 

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Prevent Unauthorized Access

Track membership access trends and detect anomalous behaviors, while monitoring your facility and its entry points.

Boost Visibility

Get a single view of access events from a browser or mobile phone with Keyless Calgary's monitoring systems.

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Track Member Access

Ensure only active, and legitimate gym and fitness members have convenient access to your facilities. 

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Reinfoce Cybersecurity

Hardened cyber secure access control connects to your identity management to ensure your property, people, and data are secure.


We Integrate with the Best

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Our team of access control experts are standing by to offer guidance and expertise to help you secure and access your property. Contact us to schedule a free quote.

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