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Intelligent Video Security Tools

Video Surveillance

Complete your access control security system with live monitoring, event reporting, stored reference video, and the ability to view live or recorded streams from any device, anywhere. Video surveillance systems from Keyless Calgary put video security at your fingertips. 

Introducing Brivo Security Solutions from Keyless Calgary

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About Video Surveillance Systems from Keyless Calgary

Keyless Calgary has the expertise to help you get eyes on your property and people, including entryways, common areas, office spaces, gyms, lobbies, hallways and more.

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Link video surveillance clips to real access control events for security auditing and compliance checks.

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Live streams for active surveillance or recorded video for event investigation. 

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Videos are safely and securely stored in the cloud to prevent loss due to user error or device loss or damage.


Access video feeds and records from any location and device at any time.


Keep your videos stored for time periods from 7 days to 2 years according to your retention policies.

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Minimize Tailgating Risk

Most people extend the courtesy of holding a door open for someone as a polite and friendly gesture, but these instances of tailgating can pose a significant security risk to people and property.

Tailgating is a complex issue, and Keyless Calgary can help you integrate your video surveillance to provide real-time video search by automatically detecting incidents of tailgating and flagging them for security leaders.

We Integrate with the Best

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Our team of access control experts are standing by to offer guidance and expertise to help you secure and access your property. Contact us to schedule a free quote.

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