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Modern, Smart and Secure

Multifamily Properties

Modernize your multifamily property with secure mobile access and smart amenities that attract and retain residents with Keyless Calgary.

One Solution for Your Community

Controlling who accesses common areas, amenities, and private residences in your multifamily building in Calgary can be challenging. Keyless Calgary can guide you to an automated access control system to modernize access and give your residents the freedom they desire.

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Common Area Access Control

Safe multifamily communities are secured by complete common area access control and video surveillance system platforms from Keyless Calgary.

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Individual Unit Access

Go keyless and simplify the experience for your residents with smart locks and mobile access, while managing lock outs at the click of a button.

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Facilitate Access to Amenities

Today's residents expect smart home amenities and automated access to party rooms, cafes, gyms, and more. Automate their access with mobile control from Keyless Calgary.

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Property Management Tools

Assign mobile credentials, monitor common areas and amenities, control environmental features in vacant units, and more all from one app from Keyless Calgary.


We Integrate with the Best

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Our team of access control experts are standing by to offer guidance and expertise to help you secure and access your property. Contact us to schedule a free quote.

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