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Powerful Security at Your Fingertips

Commercial Properties

Keyless Calgary offers security and convenience for modern offices with comprehensive access control, video surveillance, and mobile management solutions.

Working From Home

Access Control is the Future of Calgary's Smart Offices

Hybrid Work is standard, and access control enables occupants the flexibility and security to deliver on employee's expectations. In a 2022 study by Brivo, 58% of respondents said they currently use a hybrid work model, and 65% of those said access control is a key enabler. Explore how Keyless Calgary can guide you to the right system for your needs.

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Create Frictionless Flow

From common areas to authorized access only to shares amenities, create simple mobile credential systems that are convenient for everyone.

Welcome and Manage Visitors.png
Welcome and Manage Visitors

Automate the visitor experience with a secure yet welcoming and convenient first impression.

Track Occupancy.png
Track Occupancy Levels

Get real-time insights on building capacity, set limits and enforce them for health and safety reasons.

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Meet Cybersecurity Needs

Get excellent cyber security systems that support your access control needs with assistance from Keyless Calgary.

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Use Data to Improve Security

Capture the data you need to inform your tenant management with comprehensive data measurement systems.


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Our team of access control experts are standing by to offer guidance and expertise to help you secure and access your property. Contact us to schedule a free quote.

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